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Hey guys.
It's been a while since I made a journal about life, etc. Well, I'm on summer break right now (duh), and I'm taking a SAT prep class... But I planned my schedule for the next school year and it looks pretty okay, except for the fact that I'm taking 3 advanced classes and one of them is AP Studio Art. And oh yeah, APUSH and AP Chem. Junior year is gonna fun, yes, but also very busy... orz

Now for the important stuff...

Officially dropping Desu's Emerald Nuzlocke
I'm sure that you all saw this coming, and I know most of you will be disappointed about this... I apologize for making you all wait for the final decision. DEN Nuzlocke was my first nuzlocke and project on this account, and I gained a lot of popularity because people enjoyed it so much, which I'm really thankful for. The nuzlocke helped me improve on my art work so, so , so much, and it made me realize how bad I am at story-telling tbh. Plot holes and.. oh man. Yeah I know this is common reason why a nuzlocke would be canceled/dropped, but it's also a pretty big  and important reason aha.  I usually get comments on DEN pages like "I have no idea what is going on, but it's cool" or "What the hell?!?!?!!" "I'm so confused, what"

I really like DEN Nuzlocke. I really do.The gameplay itself was pretty cool, and I personally liked the characters in the comic. BUT THE STORY....
I mean, I TRIED to work on page 22. I have a sketches on some pieces of paper hhhh... But because of really bad planning and story discrepancies in the beginning and throughout the comic, it was hard for me draw and plan the page out. I was completely dissatisfied with script and sketches..
Plus,  Pokemon ORAS kind of killed the rest of my motivation to work on DEN Nuzlocke u_u 

Yeaaahhh, that's it. Again, I'm sorry if the news disappointed y'all. I can't really continue something that becomes a chore, right?
I will always be thankful to you guys for reading DEN Nuzlocke and following me. Always.
If you want to ask me anything about what happened in the story/what I planned/etc, feel free to ask me via messages, notes, asks on Tumblr, etc. I can't promise summary pages because I don't think time will allow that, and I can't promise a reboot or anything... Maybe but not maybe? I don't know.. I hope you guys understand.

So what now?

MOTIVATION STUFF-- THANKS TO A REALLY AWESOME PERSON (you will all know who this person is in the next future updates)
i'm so happy aaaaaaa *rolls around*

I'm really excited to work on page 8 but right now, I'm finishing up the extra comic because it has some important things in there. 
Hopefully, the page 8 (and 9 maybe) will be out before summer ends because I can assure that updates will be very slow during the school year. 
(Haha y'know, gotta do super awesome during junior year  and relax during senior yearrrr~ Yaaaaay highschool... possible hiatus later, yup)

Oh right, I joined an OCT (Auroris-OCT), which is pretty cool. I'm happy to see that I passed the intro yeeeaaahhhhh o/
Why did I join it? Reasons why I joined it:1) A few friends were joining it so why not because it looks really interesting 2) Practice on planning things, roleplaying, etc. 
Hopefully I won't get out of the first round like I did in Duality... >>; Wish me luck!

now i will crawl to bed because it's like 3:35 am in the morning and i was struggling with writing this journal for hours because i didn't know how to type all of this *sobs*  -nyaps


John Johnson
United States

Thank you for visiting my page!

Nyaps | 16 | Female | Butthead
FC 3952-7149-1718

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