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Thank you for visiting my page!

Nyaps | 17 | Aquarius | INFJ | Quiet
FC 3952-7149-1718

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VoidGaming Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Oh god ,Nyapa your comment why suddenly filled up with Undertale fans.

Love your pokemon comics!
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tiger-nyatta Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i used your undertale fanart for this…

;w; keep up the good work!
(1 Reply)
LamentedGuide Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Halloween!*Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen 
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Blitzblaze Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
plz draw temmie i need it no the world needs it
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SETHEMERALD Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015

Please don't feel obligated to respond to this, but I was just looking at your "Determination" piece (depicting Undertale), and I just wanted to pay you some genuinely honest and positive acknowledgement, because I feel like what most people give on here is pretty empty and simple, like they don't really put their heart into what they're saying, or they don't care enough to make sure they get across exactly what they feel.
(Or maybe I'm just one of those snooty-sounding people who, for example, looks at a squiggly line on a paper and goes on forever about how I think it has a meaning as deep and beautiful as the universe and everyone else just takes it for what it is, which is simply a squiggle... if that makes sense? Maybe that was a bad analogy though, because I'm not really a fan of "modern/abstract" art *laugh*). 
Anyway (sorry, my brain goes a mile a minute and I'm very wordy)! Sweating a little... 

The quality and style and the deepness/meaningfulness and overall presentation of your artwork have really improved in many ways within the last year or so. Nod It makes me feel really proud to see how well you're evolving and growing as an artist, because I've been following your work since the beginning of your "Desu's Emerald Nuzlocke" and back then I only stumbled upon it and started reading it because I thought it was a fun and interesting story even though I thought the artwork wasn't your best effort, then before my eyes it turned into the beginning of a beautiful masterpiece, story-wise too, not just the illustration. I understand why you discontinued it though (I've had those realizations with some of my older writing, so I totally get why you'd want to just take the whole thing back and/or start over from a fresher mindset). Your "Doubt and Trust" Gijinka Nuzlocke is coming along really well so far and I can't wait for more! Clap 

You remind me of some kind of super-mom. I mean, how in the world do you manage to go to school and work and deal with general life-stuff AND still find time to work on such beautiful creations at all?! That's a rare ability that's usually found in busy moms with busy kids, like in pretty much every laundry/cleaning product commercial on TV. (Or maybe that's normal and I'm just extremely unproductive compared to my peers). :/
I don't have a job or any extracurricular stuff to attend, and I can hardly even keep up with my normal schoolwork*  because all my general life-stuff gets in the way. I'd say I have an "above-averagely-busy/chaotic" life, and my school also has stupidly high standards for a Maine public school (which is probably why they're a "failing" school with a high drop-out rate No, I disagree! ). I hardly ever get the chance to do something creative and sharpen my skills without sacrificing grades or responsibilities. It's hard to believe we're about the same age! If you have ANY tips or routines that help you function at the capacity that you do, at all, please let me in on them...

  *(I'm a senior in high school, but I still have another year left to go after this because I'm allowed a 5th year due to my circumstances, so you'd think think I'd have way less work, but nooo... and of course there's health/emotional issues I have to deal with as well.)

Have a spectacular day! Heart 
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